The PhD in Managerial and Actuarial Science

The Department of Economics and Statistics (DIES), with the Department of Economics, Statistics and Mathematics (DEAMS – University of Trieste), offers a PhD programme that has been accredited from the ANVUR. The PhD programme in Managerial and Actuarial Science (MAS) enables students to develop the methodological, technical and intellectual skills needed for conducting research of the highest standards. We support research in a broad range of subjects, including:

    Innovation management;

    Welfare management and economics;

    Actuarial studies and Statistics.

The analytical skills that students develop during their research training can be useful for those interested in pursuing academic career. Doctoral students are encouraged to participate in appropriate national and international workshops and colloquia and to present their work at congresses relevant to their area of interests.

The Department (DIES) provide study space set aside for research students, in addition research students have access to the DIES library.